P R O V I D E N C E   A I K I K A I   A I K I D O 

Providence Aikikai is a traditional Aikido dojo, founded in 2011. Its Chief Instructor, David Halprin 7th dan, is a student of Mitsunari Kanai Sensei, 8th dan, and studied with him for twenty-seven years. 

Kanai Sensei, Chief Instructor of New England Aikikai in Cambridge, was one of the last group of uchideshi (live-in students) of O-Sensei (Aikido's founder), and studied under the Founder for ten years before being sent to teach Aikido in the US. He taught at New England Aikikai for thirty-eight years until he passed away in March 2004. 

Providence Aikikai instructors and students were under the direct technical supervision of Kanai Sensei and now are among those who are continuing to practice Aikido according to his teachings.


David Halprin, Shihan, 7th Dan, Chief Instructor

Wayne Sherman, Shidoin, 6th Dan, Senior Instructor

Dare Matheson, 2nd Dan, Dojo Cho

Laurie Seymour, 2nd Dan, Instructor

Colin Guthrie King, 1st Dan, Instructor