Room Info — Lock, Lights, Heat, etc


  • Key lock box code: 1-2-3-6

  • Once the door is open, put the key back in the box. DON'T bring into the dojo (where it could accidentally be locked in).



  • Light switch by door (to light entry area).

  • 2 WHITE dimmers near Breaker Box on Kamisa wall (to light mat and dressing room areas).

    • Dimmers turn off by rotating to their fully counter-clockwise position - then slightly further to click off.

    • Leave the RED dimmer alone (it dims the lightswitch by the door, which we want to control from there).



  • In summer heat:

    • The ceiling fan is the 'light switch' below dimmers.

    • Open the double doors for more air flow.

  • In winter cold:

    • When not in dojo, thermostat should be left fully cranked up (it just activates heat to our zone). 

    • If too hot in dojo, thermostat can be shut off (heat may continue blowing for a few minutes, but should soon stop).



  • Dimmers (top two only) and Lightswitch by door OFF.

  • Ceiling fan, and all fans OFF.

  • Thermostat fully ON (if winter).

  • Double Doors closed and LOCKED.

  • Front door closed and LOCKED.